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The foundation of Steril Medipac was laid in the year 1978, in New Delhi.

Back in 1978, the foundation of S.P.Enterprises, was laid in order to provide unmatched quality paper based packaging solutions and wrappers to all our customers. Over the years we have been recognized by our clients as the leading flexible packaging company in the country offering quality and affordable wrappers and packaging solutions for end to end packaging requirements of our clients.

We have pioneered the art of manufacturing various kinds of packaging solutions. People often misunderstand us as only a food packaging company but the reality is, our range of packaging and wrapping solutions are diverse and we supply and export them to a varied range of industries in India and abroad.

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Steril Medipac assures Quality and Care in its Packaging Products to its Medipac Customers, which maximizes Brand Recognition, building a permanent impression of Trust in Customer's mind.

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